Title:  Seashore Amthyst Vase
Description: glass
Artist: Thomas Petit

THOMAS PETIT hand blown glass draws inspirations from the Arts, his own photography,everyday objects & experiences. his Seashore range is inspired by his childwood outings in East Sussex.

'I am a Designer-Craftsman who, although does some designing on paper, actually finds experimenting through the medium, much easier and more rewarding. I have been caught out in the past, by drawing for hours, without realising that the designs are beyond my practical capabilities. Working directly with the glass means, I can start with a basic sketch, work through the possibilities, often exploring adjacent ideas en-route, before reaching a conclusion.

Although my particular passion is for scent and stoppered bottles, I do make more orthodox shapes as well. There has also been a growing interest in paperweights.

I try to design my scent stoppered bottles, in styles, that have been less exploited than the more obvious shapes. These are frequently thick and weighty, a trait familiar to the Studio Glass market. Thicker glass can suspend a greater infusion of coloured layers, which gives the Artist, an almost unlimited canvas.

The stigma that the populous have about handling glass, often means that the textures that can be created, on the surfaces of the glass are ignored; Glass possesses very tactile qualities. I have discovered over the years, that glass is much more resilient to damage, than I previously thought'




Cecilia Colman Gallery 67 St Johns Wood High Street London NW8 7NL - 020 7722 0686