Title:  'Symphony in Black and White' bowl 1
Description: porcelain
Artist: Angela Mellor

Angela Mellor BFA (Hons), MA is an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva. She taught art and design before becoming a full time potter in 1995 investigating the translucency of bone china and its potential for transmission of light. Her master’s research explored translucent paper clay, which she continues to develop. She has exhibited in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA.

She is represented in public and private collections in China, Japan, Korea, USA, France, Latvia, UK and Australia and her work has been published in many books.

Angela’s work explores the translucency of bone china and its potential for the transmission of light.

 She seeks to re-interpret her visceral response to the effects of light on the landscape, especially in coastal areas where the infinite variety of organic contours, tonal contrasts, and patterns provide a continuing source of inspiration. Fragments of these have enabled her to introduce a delicate tracery of translucent texture into the work using paperslip an intriguing medium she continues to develop.

She is now focussing on larger scale and more functional work with the integral design being sympathetic to the form.




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