Title:  Toot Coffee Pot
Description: Fine Bone China
Artist: Wendy Tournay

Award winning ceramic designer Wendy Tournay studied for her BA Hons in Ceramics with Glass Design at the University of Central England in 1998. Wendy then designed for the ceramics industry, in-house and freelance before going on to study for her MA in Ceramic Design for Production at Staffordshire University graduating in 2003.

“From my home studio in Birmingham I combine industrial processes and the finest bone china to produce elegant, pure white, functional forms with an element of playfulness that interest and excite the senses.

Inspired by the ethos of Scandinavian design with its functionality, honesty of materials and simplicity, my work is primarily focused on creating perfectly handmade functional pieces with simple clean lines and an elegant silhouette.

I first model each new shape in solid plaster and from this I make a mould. Each handmade piece is then slip-cast in fine bone china, fettled, dried and fired. I heat and dip each piece into a glossy transparent glaze before its second firing to enhance the pure clean lines.

Due to the challenging nature of the material, pieces are often lost during the many stages of the complex production process making each finished piece extra special.”




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