Title:  Eggcups
Description: Ceramic
Artist: Julia Roxburg
Profile: Julia Roxburgh graduated in 1984 from Bristol Polytechnic with a degree in ceramics. Later that year went off to London to work as a theatrical prop maker and worked on some well known productions such as ‘Cats’ and ‘Miss Saigon’ After 6 years decided to come home to Newcastle upon Tyne and has been based here ever since. The theatre, circus and underwater nature have been her main influences. The work is made from white earthenware, using throwing and hand building to make the pieces. Each piece then has a pattern slip trailed onto it and is fired then painted then fired then glazed then fired, the last process being the application of gold (this is real gold) then it goes through its last firing. So each piece is fired 4 times. Colour is very much a part of her work and the more the better. The aim of the work is to bring a smile to the breakfast table.



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